DIY Summit Preparation: Lea Alcantara

September 17, 2009

According to Lea Alcantara’s website, www.lealea.net, she is the Creative Principal / Chief Hired Gun of Lealea Design in Edmonton, Albera, Canada, and creates beautiful designs for many clients from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. She specializes in using and talking about using Expression Engine and the art of Branding. She has been included in websites such as 25 Hot Female Web Designers – Lee Munroe, 50 best female web designers around the world | INDEZINER, and 16 Genuine, Authentic Designers on Twitter. Further down on her site, she mentions that she also loves to cook, keep fit, write, sing, and dance. Lea has also worked as Print & New Media Specialist for VOXCOM Security Systems and as Design Intern for Somnia Communications Inc.

Lea has an extensive knowledge of services, both print and web, including: Expression Engine Design, Expression Engine Implementation, Branding Strategy, Identity Logo Design, Marketing Kits, Graphic Design, Web Standards, and Consulting. She offers professional services with a very happy and easy-going attitude that shows she can get along with your business, big or small. She shows that her work has resulted in clients increasing sales by 250%, increasing overall page views and visitors, and getting rave reviews and comments about the clients’ new designs.

Lea has designed the art direction and print design for Waterloo Festival for Animated Cinema, print packaging for Cara Albo’s movie, Cat’s Cradle, the branding, CMS, design, IA, interface, print, and website (“…which essentially means I did everything. :-)” -Lea Alcantara) for VOXCOM Security Systems, and many other companies.

Besides her career website, she also maintains another similar website called The Art of Self Branding, where she provides links to her presentations as well as other resources that she has mentioned in her talks or articles. The list of her presentations and resources are here at http://www.artofselfbranding.com/.

I am personally very interested in her thought process behind all of her designs. After visiting many websites designed by her and looking at a few of her logos, I thought to myself, “How does she do it!? I need to steal her secrets!” All thoughts of envy aside, I am aware of my lack of knowledge when it comes to brands, and hope to learn a lot from her show. I saw a slideshow of her talk that talked about making yourself an amnesiac and asking yourself questions such as “Who am I?” and “What am I?” which, as simple as they are, could potentially give us volumes of information we need to be aware of when it comes to designing. Because, after all, I think we need to be aware of ourselves before we can be aware of anybody else, don’t you?

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